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All products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If unsatisfied, return the product with a letter of explanation and we will refund your money less shipping and handling.

One Way CD

Lovers of great music, we know that you'll agree that this "Best Of The Girls" album is a must-have. "One Way" combines delicious new songs, past classics, and remixes to serve up a tasty musical treat. Satisfaction guaranteed. No expiration date. Songs do not contain milk, peanuts or whey.

CD - $15.00 - Add to Cart

Believe! CD

Can you believe it? We did! And as a result, you can now own our brand new "believe" album featuring The Girls! What you will experience is an encounter with God, while listening to 10 original and amazing songs.

We cut no corners on this one, because we believe you are worth it!

CD - $15.00 - Add to Cart

Get Real! CD
It's high time you "Get Real"!

Aren't you ready for rockin' music that helps you get real with God?
We thought so.

CD - $15.00 - Add to Cart

Worshhip Kit 1

Worshhip Kit 2
Worshhip Kit 3
Worshhip Kit 4
Real Kids Know God Worship Kits
For years, I looked high and low, week in and week out for kid's music that was different. Different than the music I found on the shelves of Christian book stores, different than the songs I heard in most children's church services, and definitely different than the music I remember hearing in church as a boy. Finally, I found it - right in my own heart!

Dana Johnson Ministries presents, "Worship Kit" series 1 and 2. Using our Worship Kit is so easy; simply play it on a regular cd player and you have a complete song set that includes upbeat, supercharged praise songs and worshipful anointed music that leads children into God's presence too! Each "Kit" includes:
  • 4 "RKKG" original songs
  • Vocal tracks
  • Accompaniment tracks
  • Lyrics
  • Chord Charts
  • Power Point Presentation
Each Worship Kit disc can be played in any cd player and is also a cd-rom that you can use in your computer!

As a children's pastor for 16 years, this is the kind of product I would have utilized every week if it had been available. I believe that this will be a useable and helpful tool for children's ministers and workers everywhere!

Worship Kit 1 - $20.00 - Add to Cart
Worship Kit 2 - $20.00 - Add to Cart
NEW Worship Kit 3 - $20.00 - Add to Cart
NEW Worship Kit 4 - $20.00 - Add to Cart

Real Kids Know God CD and Cassette
Finally...Awesome music for kids that won't drive parents crazy! Jam-packed with energy, this album features all-original songs!

CD - $15.00 - Add to Cart
Cassette - $11.00 - Add to Cart

Fly Dollz' - The Preview $5
Hold onto the popcorn and coke, because this $5 Preview Demo will have kids bouncing to the beats in true hip-hop style. The full-length feature: "Arrival" CD is coming soon to a stereo near you.

CD - $5.00 - Add to Cart